I am going to give you some options and let you decide what the “best way” is as it differs for everybody.

  1. Take a cold shower: It puts your body in “survival mode” which eliminates your sexual urges.
  2. Watch a horror movie with a lot of jump scares: This also puts your body in “survival mode”.
  3. Engage in high-intensity exercise: Exercise that gets your heart pounding at about 60–80% of your max heart rate will do the trick.
  4. Keep your food portions small: When your body has plenty of food, it switches to “procreation mode” so not eating until you…

  1. Confidence is key here. Do not doubt yourself. Men who doubt themselves give out feminine vibes which turn-off most women.
  2. Do not get emotional. That is another feminine dominated trait and men who get emotional tend to turn off women. Feel with your heart but act with your head.
  3. Do not put your potential date on a pedestal, no matter how “hot”, “sexy”, “amazing” she is. She is human, so are you. She is not a goddess but your peer and your equal. Act accordingly.
  4. Be witty and playful, use creativity to your advantage in crafting either funny conversations or…

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for equality of the genders and as a straight man would love to see naked women’s breasts everywhere but you should know why I think it is not a good idea. Let me give you some perspective from my studies in evolutionary biology.

The reason why women get in trouble for exposing their breasts and men do not is because men are biologically “wired” to lust after women and women generally do not lust after men with the same intensity or frequency.

This has to do with the fact that men produce up…

The biggest known star is an absolute monster of a star called: UY Scuti

It’s 1700 times bigger* than our sun!

Let’s put that into perspective, here’s our planet (Earth) next to our sun (true to scale):

A close up of the previous photo in case your mind isn’t fully blown yet:

Without a doubt, it is the INFJs!

I’ll explain why in a second but first, let’s take a look at some famous INFJs:

Adolf Hitler. The perfect super-villain. Considered by some as the most powerful man in human history. Even in death, he continues to cause fear all over the world. His Nazi-ideology lives on to this day. If that isn’t omnipotent powers, I do not know what is!

If I had a son/daughter who asked me what I thought about him/her joining the military, I’d answer it as follows:

  1. Don’t join the military, risk of death is high for the value you get in return
  2. If you must join the military, pick the Navy or Coast Guard (low chance of death)
  3. If you pick the Navy or Coast Guard become an officer, do not enlist

Don’t join the military, risk of death is high for the value you get in return

No military recruiter or flashy ad on TV is going to tell you joining the military is…

  1. Your best self is right beyond your comfort zone.
  2. Be nice to people who are hateful, they need it the most.
  3. Don’t burn bridges, we live in a small world.
  4. Never be afraid of your feelings. They are there for a reason.
  5. Never regret a day in your life. Good days give you happiness and bad days give you experience. Both are essential in life.
  6. Rules are made to be broken. Be bold enough to live life on your terms, and never, ever apologize for it. …

1: We (your parents, friends, co-workers, siblings, etc) would miss you.

2: You have something unique, this world needs.

3: It does get better, believe it or not, it will eventually get better.

4: There’s so much you would miss out on doing.

5: You are worth it don’t let anyone, even yourself tell you otherwise.

6: There is so much you haven’t tried doing yet, so many places you haven’t been to yet.

7: There is always a reason to live, you may not know it right now, but there’s always a reason to live.

8: So many people…

Yes but with a caveat.

It turns out, the movie “300” wasn’t kidding around, the Persians were badass!

Here is a map of all 3 Persian empires (at its peak) overlaid on a modern map of the region:

Omar Delawar

Humanist Philosopher. Interests: Human Consciousness, Human Incentive Systems, Human Governance Systems, Philosophy, Spirituality, Transcendentalism

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